Little Miracle Bake Sale

Little Miracle Bake Sale

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Year 12 students at Suncoast Christian College recently took a tragic event and used it to bring hope to a hurting family.
When Year 12 student Carmi Caetano told her classmates about her friend who was in a critical condition following a car crash her family was in, the Year 12 cohort saw it as an opportunity to bless and assist a family in need.  So “The Little Miracle Bake Sale” was born. 


Year 12 students baked and baked and baked some more in preparation for a lunchtime bake sale to raise money for the de Wett family.  Not even knowing the family, students went above and beyond in their efforts.
The festival atmosphere on the day was delightful with live music, mouthwatering treats galore and the sense of a community digging deep for a worthy cause.  In the 50 minute lunch break students purchased $400 worth of baked goods, 100% of it going to the de Wett’s.

The next day a presentation was made to the sister and father of the seriously injured girl.  A huge cheque and a huge amount of love for a family in the midst of the toughest of times.


Sister Charmaine choked back tears saying “Thank you so much for what you’ve done for my little sister, it means the world.”  The father said, “When you see the media today you think people don’t care.  But then a tragedy hits your family and people help and you know it’s not true, people do care.”
Year 12 Year Level Coordinator Daniel Gettis addressed the Secondary students saying, “I am really proud of our Year Twelves.  It says a lot when we as a school can help others.  We want to acknowledge what the de Wett family has been through and encourage them.”
Secondary College Chaplain Jonathan Gullo agreed, “We’re not just Christians by title, we want our Senior students to rise up to the challenge to be Christians in character and through real love.”


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